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About Fitch


My name is Fitch. Thanks for coming to my site.

Before I became a nurse, I was actually an art student and everyone knew me in middle and high school as “the girl who can draw.” Even the adults around me knew that as well. I was even voted “most artistic” for my senior superlatives. Of all the genres and things you can do with art, my favorite thing to do was to draw faces.

It did not matter whether they were smiling or frowning. All I wanted was to draw faces, concentrating on eyes because I believed that when I captured the eyes the way it was in the photograph, I had captured the emotions as well in my drawing. Years went by and the idea of being an artist became bleak. Soon nursing replaced arts became it seemed more practical. Although I did not practice drawing and painting for years I became appreciative of different genres of art and one in particular was photography.

There were many times I wished I had pursued a career in that area but fear caused me to reassess my thoughts and desires and cautioned me to go to a more practical route. And nursing became my safety net. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great respect for my career and the people in the medical field for obvious reasons, but I could not help but wonder how my life would have turned out had I followed my path and pursued a career in the more creative side!

Not too long ago, I visited a friend in Tennessee. I have known her since we were in high school.

She took art classes with me as well and that was where we met. When I first walked into her house, I noticed she had some very cool paintings and decorative art crafts. She told me she created and painted pretty a lot of the wall art in her house and it was impressive! She also told me she got into photography, which became her focus for her art career.

She showed me her portfolio and I was blown away. The quality of her pictures were so amazing and the emotions that were captured were profound it was as if I knew what the subjects in the pictures were feeling. “The best part about it was,” she told me, “I had so much fun taking pictures!” My favorite pictures that she took were those of her boys in black and white.

She told me her boys enjoyed the photo shoot but she enjoyed it more. This conversation I had with my good friend sparked an interest in photography that I didn’t have before. Although I can always appreciate a great photograph, like everyone else, I never thought or wanted to be a photographer. Looking at the quality of her pictures, I quickly became interested and she taught me a few lessons about how to take a quality picture. Like everything else in this world, there are certain steps you need to take to make take awesome pictures!

From my recent exposure to a photo shoot, it became clear to me that I need to try something different that will bring joy and fun like photography.   It’s fun, exciting and best of all, you can take as many pictures as you want and only keep the ones you like!